Based out of Southern California, ALEXGOESHARD is making his rounds with power players and executives to create lucrative situations for unsigned artists. He is constantly on a move to discover dope talent in hopes they can get bigger platforms to showcase their music. At the very same time, living life to the fullest. But also keeping in mind that the grit don't quit. We had a chance to catch up with him for an in depth look at the grind. Peep Game!

What Do You Do & What Are Some Of  Your Proud Moments As A Manager?

"I feel like with the work and hours i put in I will soon find and sign a very successful artist that will take my talent agency to another level and place us on a whole different market. The artists I’ve worked with as an independent manager have toured nationally and internationally. They’ve had major brand endorsements, had successful crowd funding campaigns, & YouTube and digital streaming success. I have toured the country several times as tour manager for unsigned artists. I plan on expanding my talent management agency into other countries when I get off probation." -ALEXGOESHARD 

What Do You Love About The Industry & What Are Some Things That Motivate You?

"I love the business side of the music industry. I started managing artists for fun just to go on tour and visit other states and sleep in luxury hotels. When i started getting a percentage of show bookings and features, I realized that I can pay my bills by managing artists and sending emails thats when I started taking my job title serious. I remember being in a hotel in Seattle and studying The Breakfast Club interviews and watching documentaries on Suge Knight, Damon Dash and other successful hip hop moguls." -ALEXGOESHARD 

As A Manager, What Can You Do for Unsigned Artists? And Which Artists Do You Feel We Should Be Looking Out For?

"As a Artist manager and talent scout i pay attention to what unsigned artists release. This allows me to reach out and put together a proposal for the artist if i see potential in his or her career. The following are artists I believe are talented and I believe will have a successful career Kwame Katana, Angelica Vila,  & Edgar Sosa." -ALEXGOESHARD 







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