One Love to our Heavy Rotation Family for throwing me in the mix in this week's episode & in the last episode's cypher. It's an honor to able to rep with our people. In addition, it's dope to see fellow pinoys still getting it in & putting it down for the culture.  One Love to DJ Marlino. We go back like Tupac's snapback. 





Afterparty - Dabu 
Bittersweet - Andura 
Here We Go Again - Axla 
More Love - Axla 
Bounce Back - DannieBoi 
Hey Ma - Jay R 
Knock Me Off My Feet - Thea Cruz 
Til - Xela ft. Moophs 
Virtuoso - Arushh 
Get It Done - GFAB 
Love-ish - Felichi x Mat Olavides 
Serve - Janel Marisse 
Young Fame - Hana ACBD 
Somebody Like Me - Q-York 
Go - Steph 
No Interruptions - Rymeezee 
Hilo - Uela 
Mr. Sensi - Eli Mac


EP. 24

Barkada - The Bar 
Turn You - Rocky Rivera 
88 & Beyond - K!mmortal 
Now That's Real - sKarm 
The Jam - M_Boogs 
Messengers ft. Son of Ran 
Realist - Illest.Chill 
Inside Out - Klassy 
Loko - Buhay Cali 
US - Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla 
64W - Noah-O 
Seen It (Coming) - Prometheus Brown 
16 Bar Cypher - Focus - Rymezee, Lumikools, E1SA, Yung Rizzo, Vinsint, ITM, Izzle,, DiskoDave 
Transition - Izzle 
How Soon - Martin Briones 
B4 - Rudy Kalma 
Alam mo na yan - GFAB



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