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One Love to our Heavy Rotation Family for throwing me in the mix in this week's episode & in the last episode's cypher. It's an honor to able to rep with our people. In addition, it's dope to see fellow pinoys still getting it in & putting it down for the culture.  One Love to DJ Marlino. We go back like Tupac's snapback. 





Afterparty - Dabu 
Bittersweet - Andura 
Here We Go Again - Axla 
More Love - Axla 
Bounce Back - DannieBoi 
Hey Ma - Jay R 
Knock Me Off My Feet - Thea Cruz 
Til - Xela ft. Moophs 
Virtuoso - Arushh 
Get It Done - GFAB 
Love-ish - Felichi x Mat Olavides 
Serve - Janel Marisse 
Young Fame - Hana ACBD 
Somebody Like Me - Q-York 
Go - Steph 
No Interruptions - Rymeezee 
Hilo - Uela 
Mr. Sensi - Eli Mac


EP. 24

Barkada - The Bar 
Turn You - Rocky Rivera 
88 & Beyond - K!mmortal 
Now That's Real - sKarm 
The Jam - M_Boogs 
Messengers ft. Son of Ran 
Realist - Illest.Chill 
Inside Out - Klassy 
Loko - Buhay Cali 
US - Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla 
64W - Noah-O 
Seen It (Coming) - Prometheus Brown 
16 Bar Cypher - Focus - Rymezee, Lumikools, E1SA, Yung Rizzo, Vinsint, ITM, Izzle,, DiskoDave 
Transition - Izzle 
How Soon - Martin Briones 
B4 - Rudy Kalma 
Alam mo na yan - GFAB



UPSTAR RECORDS - We Bounce Back Vol. 1 & 2 

New Double Disc Album “We Bounce Back” by San Francisco's Dopest Youth Talent. from Hip-Hop, R & B, Reggae, etc. This project captures the essence of the gritty city life & struggles. It features production by Joel Tarman, Rymeezee, Adriel Diaz, Digital Martyrs, & more. Not to mention the likes of Stack Dough, MAS L, Sire, Rymeezee, Dez Mac, Fego Navarro, Tree2y, etc.Tap in! 


Adriel Diaz - SHIFT GEARS EP 

Bay Area Hip/Pop artist Adriel Diaz drops a new EP called, "Shift Gears". If you've been around to know his career then you can see and hear the growth in his new music. From teenage kid to growing up Adriel Diaz, his sound has developed and we are excited to see where things go. This new project features SF creative Rymeezee, Kazz Emceein, & more. Attached are links to listen / stream the EP as well as a bio and photo's.  

Bio: Born in Madera California, Hip-Pop artist Adriel Diaz spent much of his career around the Bay Area and Northern California. After working at his craft from the age of 8, he made his name opening for Kalin and Myles, touring through Northern California, crowning King of the Mic on Wild 94.9, and releasing new music/videos. Today he has performed alongside artists like Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony, Tori Kelly, Austin Mahone, Pia Mia, Little Mix and more. While Adriel is building his fanbase, he is only 20 and has a great path ahead.