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PAPER MACHE - Son Of Paper 


In a world with xenophobic hate on the rise and essential minority narratives being intentionally erased from the American conscious, SOP is taking a stand through positive music and creative output rooted in his community and in humility. As a person with an incredible, loving family, SOP naturally puts out family friendly material that counters the common narrative in American society that men have to be hyper-masculine, use derogatory language against women, or put down others to solidify one’s own identity and self-worth. SOP just released his nine track, debut all-platform album, “Paper Mache” in the fall, supported by “Stargaze feat. Giuliana Lee” visual, podcast and blog interviews, merchandise and live shows. SOP is committed to serving the community for years to come through building relationships with fans who want to support an artist for and all about social change. Available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, etc.


Son of Paper - Stargaze ft. Giuliana Lee

Paper Mache, the album by SOP out now: Paper Mache

exclusive merchandise available now for a limited time:

Music video directed by RJ Siu & Kyle Jae Shin Song

produced by Jazzinuf

Son of Paper - Draft Day prod. Tyler Fabian Paper Mache, the album by SOP

Out now: Director & Co-editor: Ted Iamsirithaworn Editor: Kyle Jae Shin


Son of Paper

"No Cares" - @shinsanity97 - feat. Giuliana Official BTS Video 


Son of Paper's first drop of the #yearofthedog is here! "No Cares" feat. Giuls Lee is their second collaboration after "Location Remix." Stream SOP's first project, Fuzzy Orbit EP, on Produced by Rymeezee at Sunset YOUTH Services in San Francisco, CA. Cover art by Chloe In "No Cares," SOP & Giuliana represent Asian-American music and Bay Area's music scene. The lyrics explore the impact of scarce Asian-American representation in media, television and music on a young Asian-American male. Without a role model on the big screen, SOP found himself taking out his frustrations on his relationships. While his frustrations never turned to physical violence, his lack of care for others had an unforgivable emotional impact on those close to him. SOP believes that this is a serious issue in the Asian-American community that must be discussed and rectified. Being able to reflect on his experience and grow from it has helped SOP be a better and more loving partner today. If you want to download this track and find out more, visit



Following "Son of Paper EP," "Fuzzy Orbit EP" is Son of Paper's sophomore album. Through positive vibes, catchy instrumentals and hooks, SOP creates a world where there is no direction to go but up. Reflecting on love, family and big dreams, SOP has created a very cohesive EP for any and all listeners. Expanding the definitions of Asian-American identity is also on the forefront of SOP's mind, which he does with grace. Come immerse yourself into the world of "Fuzzy Orbit EP" and discover one Korean-Chinese American boy's perspective. Music Video for “Sky is the Limit” 




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